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16 Haiku about Las Vegas

Scott Cunningham

apologies to Robert Hass

it’s not you,
it’s me

j crew
j crowded

you are the slaves
of skateboards!

through a movie screen:
one hundred million dollars worth of crap

Shoplifted half the day;
no one
punished me!

All the time I pray to Jesus
I keep on
reading US Weekly

Even in New York, New York—
I long for New York, New York

Discarded flyers—
all that’s left
of pornographer’s dreams.

How awkward it looks
throwing up—
the rich girl

Frozen bank account—
I’d borrow
the stripper’s dollars

Free vodka,
can’t see my hands

Don’t worry, ATM’s,
I play poker

Sound of a buffet;
old people,
four p.m.

Engaged bachelor,
in both nostrils

Don’t know about the people
but all the buildings here
are enormous

You go,
I stay;
two lawyers

About the author

Scott Cunningham's poems have appeared in the Harvard Review, Pool, Roanoke Review, Court Green, Cider Press Review, Tigertail, and McSweeney's Joke Book of Book Jokes. He is the director of the University of Wynwood and a member of the Miami Poetry Collective.