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Donora Hillard

I bought a tiny wind-up boxing kangaroo because I thought you weren’t coming back. You were 500 miles away, watching that band with the girl in it you’d dated years ago then left at the movie theatre when she said she didn’t like Punch-Drunk Love.Weren’t they on Letterman? Anyway, I made the cashier stutter when I looked at him in the way that earned me a “Fine as hell” from you on the Internet. His facial hair was elaborate. You’d have been proud. And walked into the night, dumb tear-soaked face in my hands.

About the author

Donora Hillard has taught writing at Harrisburg Area Community College, King's College, and Penn State University. Her work has appeared in Night Train, Pebble Lake Review, Segue, and elsewhere. She has also published books with BlazeVox [books], dancing girl press, Gold Wake Press, and others. She recently completed a poetry manuscript entitled Theology of the Body and can be reached at