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Jason Jones

was such a wonderful thing, a product of its time really.
Sure, you can look at a movie from the 70s or 80s and
tell from the horrible hair and style which decade you’ve
been transported to, but the 50s and early 60s had the
type of class you can only see in that Eastman-Kodak
processing. A red dress has never been as red as Jane
Wyman’s in All That Heaven Allows, and Douglas Sirk
understood that image would be burned into your brain
and never leave. I get nostalgic sometimes for my parents’
childhood and my grandparents’ generation. It seems that
life has never been as full as when that cameraman lingered
on a bright yellow raincoat or a blue and white wall. The cuts
weren’t so quick and the stock didn’t have so much goddamn gloss….

About the author

Jason Jones works as an academic editor and writer in the Philadelphia area. His short prose and poetry has appeared in a number of journals, such as Flutter Poetry Journal, Philadelphia Stories, Cause & Effect, and The Ranfurly Review, and forthcoming work is expected in Gargoyle, Lamination Colony, Pear Noir! and Mirrors Magazine. In the meantime, he is nearing completion on his first novel, Barcelona, which details the plight of a talented opera singer whose career ends when he discovers he has contracted a terminal illness.