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Buy a Coke

Chris Haven

I’d like to keep bees
And honey the doves.
I’d like to furnish the turtle a home
I’d like to teach with love
And grow apple trees.
I’d like to sing.
I’d like to teach harmony.
[Perfect harmony]

Coke wants in
And it wants today.
Coke it,
Coke the world—
[Sing with me]
And buy the world:
It’s the real company thing.
[What the world wants today]
Buy harmony
[Perfect harmony]
To snow the perfect white world.
[That’s the real thing]
Today is a world.
Keep it company-perfect.
It’s the sing.
It’s the real thing
And to the world
What is world.
What real thing.

About the author

Chris Haven's poems have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Los Angeles Review, Mixed Fruit, Sentence, Smartish Pace, and New York Quarterly. He teaches writing at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where he edits Wake: Great Lakes Thought & Culture.