The Northville Review
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Melanie Browne

I have never been to Nebraska,
but I overheard a trucker talk about the
headwinds there,
how it picked up his semi,
and just set it down again,
like Pan riding a roller coaster,
he said it was like he had a second chance
but he didn’t use it,
he said second chances are for sissies,
sometimes late at night
I can’t sleep and
The murkiness creeps
around me,
I try to sit in a lotus position,
I pretend to be Yoko Ono
I pray for peace,
but secretly I know
I love war more,
I eat a hamburger
and float
to my bedroom ceiling
and I wonder what
everyone in Nebraska
is doing right about now

About the author

Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas.