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The Story, So Far: Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo

How did you discover your online writing community?

I’m not bright with computers. However, I learned about some online journals back in the late 90s and thought I’d take a chance. I’ve always liked that online publication might get one’s work seen by more than print journals. I still love many print journals, but feel the same about online journals.

How has online community affected your growth as a writer? How has it affected your writing life? Your personal life?

I think the online literary world is essentially good for me. I’ve “met” many writers and editors through it. I’ve written things that I wouldn’t have written but for the slant that some online magazines have. Many writers/editors are now Facebook friends. I enjoy communicating with writers I never would have had that chance with in pre-computer days.

What have you learned from the experiences you have had?

I’ve learned the literary community is large and we need each other. I’m amazed at how many magazines/presses keep springing up online.

What are your enthusiams and concerns for the future of online literature and its communities?

My concerns for online aren’t much different than for print. In either venue, there will be good work and less good work. I wonder if online publication is phasing out print publication–I’d find that sad. I’d like to think there’s room for all kinds. I can’t say that I enjoy reading from a screen for long periods. There is something wonderful about turning pages and holding a book or a magazine, not a Kindle. Full disclosure: I’m almost 57. I still don’t believe that The Supremes broke up.

About the author

Kenneth Pobo has one partner, three cats, ten orchids, and does one radio show on Saturdays. He's currently reading THE BLOODY CHAMBER by Angela Carter. And listening to the 5 Stairsteps 1969 album, now on CD.