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It’s Possible

Kenneth Pobo

It’s possible that I’m walking in
the mall with John Travolta, looking
more corporeal than in his Vinny days,

less hot that in Saturday Night Fever,
but hell, I sold my disco ball
to a church, and maybe John and I
were/are lovers despite his wife
having a new kid, and it’s possible

that the National Enquirer missed
the chance for a great photo
of John squeezing my ass before
a Macy’s mannequin, and I said,
“John, really, you big impetuous boy,”

and he cooed “All I think about is
your crotch” and perhaps Obama
decided to endorse gay marriage
because John asked him to stop
being a dick about it, and Congress said,

why the hell not, so suddenly
love broke out in Yazoo City
and in Cairo while John and I part
at the airport, him to make
another film, and me to scrounge

eBay’s orchid listings, buying
a fabulous salmon-colored cataleya
to lessen my sadness at his leaving.

About the author

Kenneth Pobo has one partner, three cats, ten orchids, and does one radio show on Saturdays. He's currently reading THE BLOODY CHAMBER by Angela Carter. And listening to the 5 Stairsteps 1969 album, now on CD.