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I Would Ask a Polar Bear for Love Advice


because polar bears
are warm
in the cold and
because they live
so very far
away from me so
I won’t be able
to hear them so
I can’t be blamed
for my ignorance I
would ask a polar bear
for love advice
because they force
their young
into ice holes
to swim even
before they
ever get laid or
make a kill
so I think this means
polar bears must know
stuff about trust or about
being an asshole
I would ask a polar bear
for love advice
because when they
find dead rotting whale carcass
they eat from it
until their faces are
covered with blood and
their dead whale carcass
until they can’t move
anymore and I think
that says something about
tenacity or
will or strength I
would ask a polar bear
for love advice
they don’t know me
and could never
possibly know
what to tell me
I would not take
their advice probably
anyway I
would just ask to
pet them or if
I could ride on their back or if
I can sleep
curled up into
their warm belly
where I could feel so safe
and I could feel so loved
and I could feel so happy and
if they said no, you can’t because
you didn’t take my
love advice
then maybe I would
take the advice
after all because
doing those things
with a polar bear
would probably be
the greatest thing ever

* * * * *


Don’t feel bad about hating poetry; sometimes I hate it too. Some of it I don’t get. Some of it sounds like nonsense. Some of it sounds cheesy and dumb. What I don’t hate about poetry is writing it. It takes all of the detritus that clogs up my soul and vomits it onto the page. It is an emotional laxative. Perhaps if you can look at poetry from the perspective of connection to another person’s experience or feelings and how another’s truth might resonate within your own, you might not hate it so much.

If you’re interested in changing your hater perspective maybe start with Bukowski. He is sort of like the gateway drug to liking poetry.

About the author

xTx is a writer living in Southern California. She has been published in places like PANK, Smokelong, Monkeybicycle, elimae, Kill Author and Dogzplot. She has a free e-book entitled, "Nobody Trusts a Black Magician" available at Nonpress ( She says nothing at