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Star Trek Dare

Richard Fein

Star Trek time warp anomaly
taking you where Kirk and Spock never dared go,
for Roddenberry never risked writing such a script.
The usual teleport malfunction and behold,
here you are in David’s ancient village
on that revered eve.
Is the orbiting starship Enterprise pointing the way?
Do choirs of celestial beings sing through your communicator?
No need for special effects for the stable door is in your grasp.
What is sheltered by the manger beyond that stable door—
myrrh, frankincense, gold,
a goddess wife of so very few words,
a child of the cosmos,
and three wise Vulcans to explain it all?
Or are there only
sleeping sheep, a drowsing ass,
a cuckold husband,
and a haggard mother nursing her newborn?
You have two choices, walk away or open a door.
When on line for a Star Trek movie
and a spoiler in front of you reveals the ending,
do you hold your ears?

About the author

The poets that have influenced RICHARD FEIN the most are those of the New York and deepimages school. Whatever they do, he does the opposite. Also, those poets recommended by the living white male, general know?it?all literary scholars he doesn't read. This leaves him with little to read and few to emulate. Basically he gazes into a mirror and copies down his rantings and ravings. He has been published in many of the finest literary journals, such as: The Northville Review, Gulf Stream Magazine,96inc Mississippi Review, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Sonoma Mandala Literary Review , Ellipsis, Roanoke Review, El Dorado Poetry, and many others. This poet of the Western World (except New Jersey) requests that all hate mail, communiques of derision, marriage proposals and meretricious solicitations of his person not be sent since he's already backlogged with hate mail and parcel post packages that have strange ticking sounds.