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Inside Joke, Explained: Dating for Dinner

Lauren Becker

When low on funds, my friend, Lindsey, dates for doggy bags.

She’s 27, very cute, and passes for 21. She posts her picture on Craigslist and describes herself as a college student majoring in early childhood education. She refers to her love of dogs and her enjoyment of dancing and travel.

She’s partial to her less attractive respondents. They take her to more expensive restaurants.

When Craigslisting, she eats out nearly every night. She maintains a calendar to avoid overlap of extra food, as well as a list of restaurants that serve large portions. She orders the biggest items on the menu. The Olive Garden’s “Tour of Italy” is a favorite.

She generally dates each only once. She explains that she’s very busy with school, but will call them when things calm down. Only one got mad and accused her of doing exactly what she was doing. But he had insisted on taking her out for fish, which everyone knows is not as good the next day.

About the author

Lauren Becker lives in Oakland, California. Her work appears, or is forthcoming, in Word Riot, Pindeldyboz, DOGZPLOT, Wigleaf, Mud Luscious, decomP, and elsewhere.